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WMMR's Preston and Steve Present: Caseyboy At the Bat


 Joe with the WMMR Morning Show

In the end, he did go down swinging against former Phillies All-Star closer Ricky Bottalico. However, all was NOT lost in Mudville. And Philly2Philly.com was there to check it out.

The scene:

Back parking lot of WMMR Studios in Bala Cynwyd, PA.


The plot:

Caseyboy of Preston and Steve's Morning Show on WMMR considers himself to be a pretty good athlete (he definitely can swing the bat). Even going on record saying he could get a hit off a major league pitcher if given the knowledge of what pitch was being thrown. So when it was suggested that Caseyboy face former Phillies closer Ricky Bottalico to test his true athletic prowess, he jumped at the chance.

Amongst dozens of spectators, his boss, some television news cameras, and a radar gun, Caseyboy donned his Shane Victorino-esque batting helmet, elbow guard, hooked up his wireless mic, and daringly stepped into the batter's box against the 39 year-old fireballer. He appeared ready (as ready as he can be against a guy who ranks in the Top 100 in saves in major league baseball history) and the first pitch Bottalico threw was a called strike, which Caseyboy took at the knees. But on the second pitch, Caseyboy lined a fastball (clocked at 84 mph) through the hole between third base and shortstop.

Twelve pitches later, after a liner sliced to right field and a chopper down the third base line were both "questionably" called foul, Caseyboy went down swinging, but the mission was accomplished: he had his hit. Some thought the chances of him even making contact were slim to none. Caseyboy however, never had a doubt.


The aftermath:

"I've always had confidence I would be able to hit a straight pitch," said Caseyboy (whose real name is Casey Foster) moments later in the WMMR studios. "Going into it, I think I was most nervous about not making contact at all. And it wasn't even about (possibly) getting killed either. I watch Chase Utley get hit from 90 mile per hour pitches all the time, and it doesn't even look like it phases him. So getting hit with the pitch wasn't as nerve wracking as (possibly) swinging ten times and missing ten times."

Caseyboy also received praise from Preston Elliot, host of The Preston and Steve Show.

"I was actually slightly impressed with him," says Elliot. "He got a hold of one really strong and he hung in there. But Ricky was humming it in there pretty good. It didn't hit 90 miles an hour, but Casey has never hit pitches that fast and I was impressed that he connected so quick. He did well. It was cool."

Traffic reporter and co-host Kathy Romano echoed Elliot's sentiments.

"I thought he was gonna do it. He once had a few hits when we did this before. That was off of a minor league pitcher, but I just had a feeling he would have at least one hit and he did!"

Romano had a rather comical take on the performance of producer Nick McIIwain, who had a few cuts against Bottalico himself.

"Nick hasn't exercised or done anything physical in a really long time," laughs Romano, 'but nice try Nick."

McIIwain, who took the ribbing in good fun, put a positive spin on his at-bat.

"It was fun. I got to take swings off of a former major league pitcher," McIIwain says. "I enjoyed it. It was a cool experience."


Special thanks to Aileen Bannon for her wonderful photos and for making this possible.

For all of Aileen's photos of Caseyboy vs. Ricky Bottalico, click below:


YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2ch5Un_cR0

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