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Hot Hairstyles


As women, our daily routine can be so hectic!  I can bet that the last thing you want to do is spend ample amounts of time doing your hair. Am I right? We would rather wash it and go or even wake-up and go!  Well, I have some hairstyle solutions that will prevent all this hair fuss!  These styles are easy-to-do and get this, they are the styles of summer—the “hot hairstyles!”  Oh, and did I mention that these styles are not just for a spicy night out or a day at the beach, but yes my dear, they can be worn at the office too!

The first hot hairstyle, which is quite trendy and requires minimal maintenance is the Rihanna inspired bob cut. The bob can be worn long or short or even long on one side and short on the other, it all depends on your face shape and fierceness! This is an “it” style, because for one, it keeps you cool (your locks aren’t sticking to your neck and back) and two, you don’t have to use a lot of heat: fighting with the flat-iron and blow-dryer are over!  So who cares if your hair gets wet? The bob cut will still look ultra sassy even when hair air-dries. Don’t we love it when we don’t have to care so much about our hair? So jump in the pool ladies, it’s alright!

Now, the best way to achieve this Victoria Beckham look is by having your hair cut by a stylist. Yes, it may cost you a couple of dollars, but I do think it’s worth it. Think about it, would you rather take a chance in cutting your own hair or have someone cut it who has years of experience under their belt? The bob cut is also a very precise look, it’s a deliberate, calculated cut that if done wrong could have disastrous results; so let a professional handle it!

The second fashion forward hairstyle is what I like to call, “letting it all loose.”  If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, then this is the season to showcase it!  Even if you don’t have naturally curly or wavy hair, you too can still get this look!  Yes, that’s right; the iconic Farrah Fawcett styled hair is so in. There are two ways to achieve this look, first instead of blow-drying your hair after washing it, just towel dry and scrunch it, however for an ethnic hair-type (African Americans) I suggest to part your hair into medium or big sections and twist hair from root to tip and then put in Bantu knots (hair should be dry with little moisturizer to seal ends). In the morning take down the Bantu knots and you should be left with a nice wavy look!  Just remember, the key to getting this look is to NOT use a lot of products so your curls and waves just stay summer-soft in every bounce and swirl they take.

The third hairstyle is all about emphasizing the beauty of your face: pulling back all of your hair. In better terms, this style is simply called an Updo. Hair can be swept back into a low or high bun, or slicked back into a ponytail. (I guess the traditional ponytail will never go out of style!) So when all else fails just put it in a pony! Now, of course with this style, you are going to have to bust out your gel, jam, hairspray and all other products that keep hair in place. This style leaves no room for stray hairs and not to mention bangs. So if you have insecurities about your forehead, unfortunately this style is not for you! On the other hand, if you’re up for it, it’s a good time for Philadelphia’s summer beauties to show off that makeup!

So there you have it ladies, if you’re looking for a change, then cut your hair and rock the bob. If you want to have that Abercrombie, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen chill look, then let it all loose or if you want to stay traditional, but trendy then go for the updo. So, I guess the question is which will you choose?


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