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City Vibes: Trumpeter Patrick Hughes is Finally Here


Friday, 8/14

Patrick Hughes Herevibe CD Release Party

Sanctuary Wholistic Arts Center

2737 Cambridge Street Philadelphia, PA

$20 (Includes free Herevibe CD)
[Doors at 8pm. Two sets at 9 and 11. Third set will be a jam session, so bring your instrument to sit in.]


Contemporary Jazz makes it way to the city for another must-see rendezvous -- which this time comes in the form of a celebration bearing a brand-new collection of music and live tunes played by the most adroit musicians to hit the scene.  This Friday night, trumpeter Patrick Hughes releases his new CD “Herevibe” and brings a few “jazzy” friends along to help bring the long-time-coming recording to life.  Musicians (yes you!), grab your instruments and prepare to get in on the action during Hughes’s late-night jam session following the show and uncover your melodious off-the-cuff savvy. 

The West Philadelphia Orchestra member gave Philly2Philly.com a glimpse into his life as a globe-trotting artist as he prepares to give Philly a taste of harmonious urbanity.


What can we anticipate Friday night at your release party and most importantly, what can we expect from the new album?

The Herevibe CD release party will be a combination of soulful and modern jazz music. Today’s music lacks food for the soul. Jazz tends to be a more intellectual music, yet I like the blend of intellect and soul. I have been known to have a more lyrical quality or singing quality to my trumpet. I have gathered the most talented players I know for the release party. The CD, who features the same group of musicians, has a clear interactive form -- meaning the musicians are playing at their highest ability while interacting with the group.

How would you describe your sound and style to those who have never heard you perform before?

The sound of my trumpet is coming out of the trumpet players Louis Armstrong, Chet Baker and little Nicolas Payton. The group provides a more aggressive modern setting for the lyrical style I have.

So tell us the inevitable, how did you come about playing the trumpet and when did you get your big break?

I started playing the trumpet at the age of 8 in grade school in Connecticut. I continued on with my music degree at Temple University studying with Terell Stafford. My big break playing on a world wide stage was when I began playing with Melody Gardot [www.melodygardot.com]. I have been with her since 2005 before she was signed to Universal/UK and Verve. The ascension of her career has been fast. We now travel the world, most recently performing in Europe for the summer jazz festivals which included Norway, Holland, France, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal.

HughesWhat’s the story behind the title of your album, “Herevibe”?

I found the title written in my journal when I was brainstorming group names. I had it circled. There were a few attempts made to make a CD; once during college and another right after. This project has been in the works for a while now. The name expresses how music can bring you into the moment and make you feel good. Hopefully everybody who listens gets something out of it -- a kind of food for the soul.

Where’s your favorite place to perform in our charming city of “Brotherly Love”?

I would say the Tritone on South Street. It allows the musicians to play creative and inventive music and get the full portion right at the door. I have been playing there for over 8 years with a modern big band called Bobby Zankel, a group called the Warriors of the Wonderful Sound, and for two years with the West Philadelphia Orchestra.

How does performing in Philly differ from, say, tearing the house down in Tokyo, Japan? Philly crowds are very lively. At a Melody Gardot show in Philly, you can hear a pin drop during the songs. They respect the music by listening so intently. While at a West Philadelphia Orchestra show the crowd will drive the band to play with so much verve. They dance and sing all night. It’s quite a sight! It differs from Toyko or Molde, Norway because there is a sense of reservation in expression. They like it but they show it differently. In Norway for example, the audience will clap together in time after every song. It gets a little faster and faster. They seemed to like being organized.

If you could play with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose to rip the stage with? Right now I would say Nicolas Payton. He is an amazing trumpet player. If I were to perform with him, he would play circles around me but I would learn so much. He can play what he hears and makes it look effortless.

What’s the “vibe” like when performing with the West Philadelphia Orchestra?

The West Philadelphia Orchestra is an eclectic group of people. It is made up of mostly jazz musicians who discovered Eastern European music. The vibe is traditional with the Philly jazz influence. We make it our own. I think what gets most people into it is that it is not a DJ. It is a live band that is very danceable. There is a certain traditional way of dancing to the music, but people find their own way of moving.

What’s one of your favorite songs to perform?  One that's sure to get the crowd going and has you feeling utterly euphoric playing?

There are so many. If I were to pick I would say “Burkan.” It is a traditional song West Philadelphia Orchestra plays. It seems to get to the groove and to the point very quickly and build from there. I remember several nights that the song took off and made people raise it up.

What's your musical pet peeve? That one recurring source of irritation that gets your blood boiling?

Being a musician showing up on time for the gig is the most important. Everybody has troubles now and again getting to gigs. It is forgivable. There is a professional way to handle that situation. This summer, I got to see some of the best musicians in the world perform. Being backstage with them, I saw them show up on time, have a clear cool head, play the show effortlessly and stay humble the whole way.

You have a few seconds to “Wow!” us.  Tell us in : 30 why the Herevibe CD Release Party is the ONLY place to be this Friday night!

This Friday night will have a ton of energy. I have surrounded myself with an amazing bunch of musicians. Coming off the jazz festival circuit, the band has a lot to offer. We have heard a lot and learned a lot. This is a chance to give back to Philly -- a city which we represented musically to the world. With all that Philadelphia is -- a rich city musically -- I am fortunate enough to give back to a city that has given so much.




Thursday, August 13

West Philadelphia Orchestra


15th and South

* Friday, August 14

Patrick Hughes Herevibe CD Release Party

Sanctuary Wholistic Arts Center

2737 Cambridge Street Philadelphia, PA

$20 (Includes free Herevibe CD)
[Doors at 8pm. Two sets at 9 and 11. Third set will be a jam session so bring your instrument to sit in.]


Sunday, August 16

West Philadelphia Orchestra

Philly Folk Fest