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Eagles signing of Michael Vick is all about one thing-publicity


When word started to circulate last night that Michael Vick was signed to a two-year deal by the Eagles just before half-time of last night's game I thought it was another phony internet rumor and brushed it off.

Then it got a solid gold stamp of credibility when it appeared on ESPN's website.  Although I feel ESPN's television network is a joke anymore and very heavily biased against Philadelphia sports fans, their website is still credible on the most part.  That's unless you work for one of their shows and get caught fondling a female, or if you're a fan from one of their beloved cities like Chicago and spill a beer on Shane Victorino.  Had that been a Philadelphia fan then we know all hell would break loose.  That's another story for another time.

Chris Mortenson broke this one last night and it was the shocker of the decade.  At Atomic Bomb of sorts went off in the Philadelphia sports world like we haven't seen in quite some time.  The Eagles are probably the last team I would've thought would have pulled the trigger on this deal.  The implications this has for not only the team, but for the fan base is staggering.

What does this mean for Kevin Kolb or A.J. Feely? It's obvious Kevin Kolb can't play in this league.  I don't care if he played one series against the Ravens.  He threw an interception for a touchdown.  And, for the rest of the game looked like a cross between Dan McGwire, Kelly Stouffer, and Stan Gelbaugh-easily the worst trio of quarterbacks on a team in NFL history.  To quote the fine folks over at the Igglephans.com message board, Kevin Kolb is a bust, chump, and jagoff all rolled into one.  He's toast in Philadelphia.

If I were a betting man I'd say Kolb gets traded for a 5th round pick or cut after the season.

Normally it's anathema for an NFL team to take on this sort of baggage.  On WIP's Morning Show this morning, Cataldi allowed callers to run the show today.  He took call after call and easily 85% of the calls were negative

There are some Eagles fans that say they will not root for this team any longer. 

If that is the case and the Eagles risk turning off much of their fan base, then why would they make such a risky and bold move?

The obvious answer is for publicity.  They are clearly a step below the Phillies.  This team has turned into a two-sport town over the past year because the Phillies have done what the Eagles could not do and that's end the 25 years of tears. 

By signing Michael Vick, the Eagles are getting not just the brunt of the attention in Philly-they are getting national attention.  And, the last time they received this type of attention was back in '05 during the T.O. Debacle. 

While this saga is not likely to end up with Michael Vick doing pushups in a driveway in some mansion in Morristown, New Jersey it's going to be a circus.  The Eagles are not a dumb organization.  They may be stubborn, but they knew what they were getting themselves into prior to getting Mr. Vick to put his John Hancock on that line last night. 

As far as this move making football sense, I really am on board with it.  Vick can be a viable back-up if McNabb goes down.  He may not play the position the right way, but he is electrifying and the team would probably be better off as they would become a run-oriented team much like they were in 2003 and 2006.  And, with a healthy McNabb this team is much better and scarier on offense. 

Think about this.  If the Eagles line up DeSean Jackson, Brian Westbrook, and Michael Vick on the same side of the field in a Jon Gruden-esque formation a defense would not know what to do.  If they lined up Westbrook at quarterback, with McNabb and Vick in the backfield, the defense would go into panic mode.  And, if Vick were lined up in the backfield with Westbrook or McCoy it would give any defensive coordinator pause for concern.

They wouldn't even have to use Vick in the play to give a defense fits.  He could be used as a decoy on many plays, which would open things up for his teammates. 

I'd like to say this was just a football move and that the Eagles are just giving Vick a second chance, but I'd be kidding myself and any of you by saying that. 

The ostensible purpose of this move is to give a guy a second chance.  We are America and pride ourselves on giving people second chances.  It makes for great cinema.

In this case, it's a case of a jealous organization doing anything they can for attention.