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Preston and Steve's 2nd Annual Granny Grand Prix


I was very fortunate enough to have known my two grandmothers. They were literally different as night and day. Because of this, I will always have a fond collection of memories from both of them. And after watching Preston and Steve's 2nd Annual Granny Grand Prix at the Funplex in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, it's safe to say that the grandchildren in attendance today also shared a new experience with their grandmothers that they too, will never forget.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the Funplex around ten minutes before six o' clock that morning, the lines were already out the door in anticipation of the event. Spectators were able to register to win tickets to the upcoming Blink 182/Weezer concert as well as tickets for future shows for The Black Crowes and Dave Matthews Band. As I walked past the soon-to-be spectators and back to the race track, the WMMR crew is organizing the designated areas so that everyone has a decent view, but also to prevent the risk of a fire hazard in anticipation of the spacious crowd, which was estimated in the rage of two hundred by day's end. There is a full overhead view of the race track where most of the families of the grandmothers stayed prior the race. But by the time the engines started, most of them were waiting at the finish line front and center.

The race consisted of nine grandmothers over the age of 65 whose profiles were submitted to The Morning Show with Preston and Steve. Mom Mom Barb from Woodbury, New Jersey, was entered by her grandchildren. While Mom Mom Barb was aware that she was going to be entered, the same could not be said for Mom Mom Doey from Wilmington, Delaware. "No one told me until my grandson entered me," explains Doey. "I didn't believe he did that. I just blew it off thinking 'It's not gonna happen.' Then I thought 'Ok. Alright, I'll do it. I'll make everybody happy.' But this is fun. I had my interview, things went well, and I thought 'Well what the heck, I get a day off from work.' I wanna win. Not as much for me but for my family. They think I'm wild on the road, but I know I'm not!"

The races consisted of three heats with three contestants, and Philadelphia Flyers enforcer Riley Cote served as the grand marshall for the event. "I had no idea what I was getting into today," laughs Cote, "but I had a blast. It was a great time." The winner of each heat advanced to the final race. Mom Mom Doey's family must have known something she didn't. After Cote waved the flag for the final lap, she emerged victorious, beating out Mom Mom Barb and Gran Fran from Blackwood, New Jersey. The final heat was a little more intricate than usual. Cutouts of Jon and Kate Gosselin, Pippi Longstocking, and new Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick were just a few of the images that were placed sporadically around the track, making it harder for the contestants to steer.

Nonetheless, Mom Mom Doey, was the last one standing. "I feel great now," said Doey, who admitted she was quite nervous prior to the final heat. "It was a great race." Her reputation was further enforced as the "Road Demon" as she was referred to by one of her children. The top three grannies, Mom Mom Barb, Gran Fran, and Mom Mom Doey, received Black Diamond jewelry from Steven Singer Jewelers. The grandchild (who would be Doey's grandson) was awarded a 37" HDTV and surround sound system. Unbeknownst to Doey, she was not informed of this. "Oh my Gosh!," screamed Doey enthusiastically "I didn't know that! They didn't tell me that!"

Co-host Steve Morrison thinks that this year's grand prix was superior to last years contest. "It was because the women this year were ten to fifteen years older than the women last year," says Morrison. All of the grandmothers who participated all brought something special to the event. The real show stealer of the day however, was 90 year-old Nan Alice from Harleysville, PA, who was enrolled in the grand prix by her grandson Johnny. She has four children, eleven grandchildren, seventeen great grandchildren, two great great grandchildren, and two more on the way! Alice will be 91 in September, and says the key to her longevity is "not taking any medicine." Her grandson Johnny enrolled her in the contest. Her strategy going into the race was simple: "Put the pedal to the metal." Alice may not have won the race, but she won the hearts of many in attendance, including Morrison.

"The highlight of day was seeing a woman who is almost 91 years old ram another woman into the side of the track in a quest for victory. I don't think I'll ever forget that."

Neither will any of the grand kids who attended Preston and Steve's 2nd Annual Granny Grand Prix.

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