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Floyd Landis: Mennonite, Cyclist, Cheater, and Computer Hacker


Floyd Landis, the pride of Lancaster County Pennsylvania (until 2006 before his downfall) has been many things in his life.  He floyd landiswas raised as a Mennonite.  A child prodigy, he rose through the ranks of the cycling world, which peaked with his victory in the Tour De France. 

Now according to a judge in France, he's a computer hacker.  A French judge has issued an arrest warrant for Landis, charging him with hacking into a computer lab in France-the same national anti-doping computer lab, which was investigating Landis.

Landis had it all and was a great story in 2006 when he won the Tour De France.

Then it all came crashing downhill for Floyd Landis who tested positive for doping and he was stripped of his Tour De France title and banned from the tour for two years. 

Landis vehemently denied the court's claims and still maintains his innocence to this day, doing his best Roger Clemens impersonation. 

In fact, Landis' insane self defense and denial of the evidence borders on pathological. It probably even makes Roger Clemens cringe...well maybe not.

Landis becomes the latest in a long-line of cheating athletes to cross the line into criminal behavior.  He's in an exclusive club with the likes of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

It is a crying shame, because Landis from what I understand was a very nice kid growing up.  My fiance (from Lancaster area) happened to know Landis.  Had Floyd Landis traveled the proper path (no pun intended) he would be not just a great story in the Philadelphia and Lancaster region, but America as a whole.

Floyd Landis photo from http://s2nblog.files.wordpress.com