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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: Memorial


In last week’s episode, Memorial, the recently vamped Elena (Nina Dobrev) had some difficulties adjusting to her new supernatural state and another town gathering was disturbed by violence and blood-shed.

A new threat

The episode opened with the introduction of a new character, a vampire hunter named Connor Jordan. Connor examined the evidence at the Young Farm and questioned Liz and Carol about the so-called accidental deaths of the Council members. Before he could continue his cover-up accusations, Connor met Tyler (Michael Trevino) and used his special hunter-glove to identify Tyler as non-human. Connor plugged the hybrid full of wooden bullets and chased after him to no avail. Later on, Jeremy complimented Connor on his tattoo, which was invisible to everyone else. (Does this mean Jeremy is next in line to become a crazed vampire hunter?) But according to the deceased Pastor Young, Connor-the-hunter is not the only new threat. Apparently, a terrible evil is heading for Mystic Falls, one worse than the town’s current vampire inhabitants.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Stefan has friends, who knew!

Stefan (Paul Wesley) actually got some screen-time with people other than Elena and Damon in this episode. The first was Tyler, who went to Stefan for his bullet-removing skills. Stefan examined the bullets closely and realized they had been specifically designed to kill normal vampires (Tyler escaped death due to his hybrid-nature.)

Stefan also noticed some markings on the bullets but had a difficult time studying them, as the bullets burned his skin. With the possibility of magical bullets, Stefan went to see the town’s resident magic-expert. (Despite the fact that Bonnie has only known about her witchy abilities for a little over a year, she remains everyone’s go-to gal for anything magic-related.)

Unfortunately, Bonnie (Kat Graham) was not doing so well and Stefan took time out of his quest for answers to comfort his sometimes-friend. Bonnie told Stefan what happened to her Grams’ after her dark magic use and that whatever point the witch spirits were trying to make hit home

because she could not do a simple nature spell without being reminded of her grandmother’s second ‘death’. But Bonnie knew Stefan was not there to check up on her so she asked him what his visit was really about. Bonnie took a look at the wooden bullets and said the markings were not magical writing (at least as far as she knew. Does Connor have non-nature-based magic at his disposal?)

Doppelgangers are picky eaters

Stefan took Elena into the woods for some camping and animal-hunting. Stefan helped Elena through her first feed and then tried to teach her that nifty vampire super-speed trick. But Elena could not focus on honing her vampire skills because she was overwhelmed by Stefan’s touch. The two came very close to having hot vampire-sex against a tree but were interrupted by Elena’s need to throw up the deer blood she just consumed. They returned home and Stefan wanted to celebrate Elena’s first feed. Elena played along, even though she was worried about her inability to digest the animal blood. The couple was about to finish what they started in the woods when Damon (Ian Somerhalder) called to relay the news about the recent deaths.

After confirming that Damon was not responsible for the Council deaths, Elena asked for his help because she could not keep the animal blood down. When Elena refused to drink from the human Mystic Grill patrons, Damon took her into the bathroom and bit into his own hand. Damon told Elena to drink from him but to keep it a secret from Stefan because blood-sharing between vampires is ‘personal’. A starving Elena drank from Damon in what many people considered a ‘sexy’ scene. (Personally, I found it to be rather disturbing since Damon failed to tell Elena that vampire blood-sharing is sexual in nature, making the entire scene read as non-consensual.)

Later, after almost snacking on Pastor Young’s daughter April, Elena threw up all of Damon’s blood. She panicked, because the bathroom resembled some kind of grisly murder scene and called Damon for a change of clothes. When Damon arrived, Connor-the-hunter was lurking outside of the bathroom, so Damon covered for Elena while she changed and finished cleaning up. But Connor’s suspicions were raised anyway and Elena became his next target. While Connor set up his vampire-trap by attacking poor April, Elena fed from a blood bag Damon brought her but again failed to keep any of the blood down. Damon wondered if Elena’s doppelganger blood was to blame but assured Elena she would be fine as soon as she fed from an actual living person.

Rest in…chaos

Everyone gathered inside the church as the service began and when April was a no-show, Elena stood up to speak about Pastor Young. Elena had barely begun her speech when she smelled April’s blood and Stefan had to help her back to her seat before she reacted. Damon told the others to play it cool but Elena was having a hard time holding it together. Lucky for her, Matt (Zach Roerig) offered up his blood in the nick of time and Elena finally found a food source her body could tolerate.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Though Elena and Matt managed to hide the feeding from their fellow mourners, Connor noticed and was ready to take Elena out. However, Tyler drew Connor’s attention away from Elena by interrupting the service.

Connor took the bait and shot Tyler in front of everyone. Connor and the normal humans fled after Tyler went down and even though Tyler was fine, Carol called an ambulance to keep up appearances. Damon chased after Connor but the hunter got away unscathed.

After all the chaos, Elena finally found the injured April and was overwhelmed by blood-lust. She was moments from attacking April before Caroline (Candice Accola) intervened and got Elena to recognize April as her friend, not a potential snack. Elena relaxed and Caroline coached her through compelling April into forgetting the entire situation.

Time to grieve

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Stefan and Elena discussed the fact that Elena lied to him about her failed attempts at feeding. Elena swore she lied to protect him but Stefan was still upset, especially about the blood-sharing with Damon. (Rightly so, but for all the wrong reasons.) Elena broke down and her tears turned to grief for everyone she has lost.

Elena’s grief gave Stefan an idea and he gathered the gang together to continue the memorial. Everyone but Damon -- who bowed out of the ritual -- lit lanterns in honor of the loved-ones they have lost. The episode ended with Damon talking/complaining to Alaric’s grave while ghost-Alaric watched, albeit unseen.

What is this new threat Pastor Young mentioned? How will the group deal with Connor-the-hunter and his magic-but-not bullets? And how will Elena manage her new ‘live-human blood only’ diet? Tune in next time to find out.

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