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Eagles emasculated by Falcons: The Morning After


Morning campers,

The TMA will take a slightly different approach this week as my friend and previous pinch hitter Matt Grace and I will tag team the TMA this week with yours truly providing a take from the game itself and Matt doing the same from the comfy confines of, well I'm not quite sure where Matt watched the game to be honest. But I'm sure it was a lot more comfy than being at the wet Linc yesterday.

First, I will give you my take from the game itself as yesterday, as I took my son Josh to his first Eagles game. Many thanks to thttp://www.philly2philly.com/sites/default/files/TMA-logos_1_0_6_0_22.jpghe incredible generosity of my friend Bob Austin, who gave up his two tickets in a suite so I could take young Josh to his first Birds battle.

Here's how I saw it from the stands... at least for the first three quarters as Josh and I bolted early - along with many, many others to leave that dreck behind and get a jump on Hurricane Sandy's oncoming onslaught.

*Unfortunately Josh got to see what it's like to go to an Eagles game right off the bat and by that I mean he was exposed to idiocy in the form of an inebriated fan. Here's what transpired: A guy sitting two rows in front of Josh decided he wanted to stand up and watch the game. I politely asked him to sit down and explained to him that a) my son could not see and that b) it was his first game. The gentleman's response was pure 700 level: "Are you fu$%ing kidding me?”

My what nice manners, huh? This gentleman, who appeared to be in his late 30s/early 40s clearly had no regard for the fact that a very impressionable young boy was in earshot of his malicious malediction. In other words, the guy was a jackass who unfortunately gives the majority of good Philly sports fans a bad name around the country. Needless to say I was appalled, but I kept my composure and while I did reply, it was over quickly and all parties moved and on. To his credit Josh was completely ambivalent toward the whole thing.

*And speaking of ambivalence...  is there a better word to describe the collective play of the Eagles’ defense? I don’t know how it looked on TV but in person there was a palpable sense of apathy emanating from the defense. I don't know how to explain it but clearly the ghost of Juan Castillo lives on. At one point, while Josh and I were getting some grub, I heard Merrill Reese say aloud "this defense can't stop anyone."

As per the norm, Merrill was dead on in his thinking. The question is why? Could it be that maybe, perhaps they're just not very good? Could it be that despite what we hear re: "this team has a lot of talent (on both sides of the ball for that matter) that they don't hJuan Castillo- the Eag;es new defensive coordinator?  Photo: BusinessInsider.comave the talent we were all led to believe?

The word that comes to mind as I watching this defense (and the offensive line too) was pathetic which in this context is most assuredly defined as "miserably or contemptibly inadequate." And if we all agree that pathetic is an appropriate adjective, then we all must wonder aloud is not only are they not good enough, do they simply not care? Not care about how they play. Not care about if they win or lose.

And when we start talking in these terms, then it's time to clean house, nuke the place as my brother Michael likes to say. Nuke it from the inside out.

*Hate the break this to you all Michael Vick haters, but he is not the problem on this team, at least not the main problem. Not even close. It is clearly the defense and offensive line.

*There was a rumor sweeping the stands that the Falcons punter suffered muscle atrophy from lack of action

*I do not, DO NOT, cannot stress this enough -- I DO NOT WANT to hear one, single solitary Eagles player say they're behind Andy Reid and it's not his fault and they're playing hard and on and on and on. Please spare us such utter nonsense. Andy Reid has lost this team. Period. Lost it. His message is not getting through anymore boys and girls. That much is painfully obvious.

*Matt Ryan is a very special player and will be for quite some time to come. This kid has "it" and the Falcons wisely gameplanEagles photo: Reuters their offense around his strengths. Imagine that.

*What will happen if next week the Eagles come out and dominate the Saints? Will we all get back on the bandwagon? Will we all start drinking the green Kool Aid, again? Will all be forgiven? I sure hope not for it by some miracle that does happen, to me, it would merely speak to just how inconsistent this team truly is.

Ok, I'm done... I gotta get ready for Sandy.

Over to you Matt...

Hi ho Steve O! Thanks for that seamless hand off no fumbles here. As you were at the Linc with the dude I was trying on some Halloween costumes...I was a zombie cop then a zombie soldier, but the worst costume was the zombie defense I saw the Eagles wearing yesterday. Oh wait maybe its the new "Rocky" Defense they were playing? You know they allow the opposing team to score so much that they are exhausted at crunch time and then they can stop them. Nah. This is not Hollywood Andy. Gone is your undefeated record of 13-0 after bye weeks. Also gone is your team, your leadership and your fan base.

After a week off, how do you allow the Falcons to score on their first six possessions? I know Matt Ryan is a hometown guy, but to give him that hometown discount is ridiculous.

Anyhow. My quick hit thoughts on the game.

- Do you think the Birds have a cash reward for the worst penalty to keep the defense on the field? Jason Babin could live on this reward if true. How many penalties from him on crucial third down stops?

- The Birds’ offensive line as big as they are (Avg 6'5) is not a good fit for your  small quarterback. They limit even more the passing lanes that Vick has to throw down field. That is why there are so many dump offs and swing passes. The offense will go nowhere with Vick. Paging Nick Foles?

- Is this the worst Eagles defensive secondary ever? Coleman and Asomugha are killing us. Thank God we have David Sims on the roster.  

- Hurricane Sandy or not, the same amount of fans would have left that game at the same time. Eagles fans are smart enough to realize that this team is done and a waste of time to watch in person when they can get the recap from the TMA. I think the only people left in the stands were the Ryan family.

- I would of much liked Hurricane Plankton instead of Sandy but I did not have a vote.

- At least we do not have Tony Romo as QB. Wow! The Cowgirls are horrible.

OK Steve O. This has been my Hurricane Sandy shortened edition of the TMA. Thanks for allowing me to fill in for you. I have a few sandbags to fill now and I need to check  if the hovercraft has gas in it.  Its going to be a long couple of days here especially for Andy. Happy Halloween!  Trick or Treat!

Times yours! But not for long for you, Andy.

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