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Former Phillie Ryan Madson out for the season: Nice going, Scott Boras


Injuries have plagued the Philadelphia Phillies at the start of the 2012 season. It's getting so contagious that even ex-Phillies are getting injured!
It has been reported by MLB.com that former Reds closer and former Phillie Ryan Madson needs Tommy John Surgery and will be shut down for the year.

"We can sit here and try to rehab, but it never works," said Reds GM Walt Jocketty. "The best thing is to shut it done, get the surgery and move forward. It's obviously not great news. But we told the team and said to stay positive. We have good alternatives we can turn to. Other clubs have done it in the past. We did it in St. Louis, when [Jason Isringhausen] went down, [Adam] Wainwright stepped in and we won the world series."For the Phillies, Ryan Madson looks a lot better now in a Reds uniform.

At this time, I would imagine Madson is pretty steamed for obvious reasons, but he's probably steamed his agent Scott Boras as well.  What actually happened between Madson, the Phillies, and Boras in November is still a mystery. If that 4-year, $44 million dollar deal the Phillies supposedly offered was true, Boras put his client in a very precarious situation by not taking it. Next thing you know, Jonathan Papelbon was now a Phillie, the acquisitions of Heath Bell and Andrew Bailey during the off-season dried up the closer’s market, and Madson ended up only signing a one year deal worth $8.5 million. The philosophy behind this was that Madson would pitch his way to a more lucrative deal in 2013.

According to MLB.com, $2.5 million of that contract he signed with the Reds is in a contract buyout, which looks like a foregone conclusion at this time. There is also an $11 mutual option for 2013, but with the uncertainty regarding Madson’s career at this moment, there’s a better chance of the Reds giving you or this writer that money before him.

Ryan Madson possibly could have had $44 million in the bank and job security for the next four years. Instead, he has $8.5 million and is facing an uncertain future. Madson was a great guy during his time in Philly (not to mention the best tipper of any athlete) and I’m pulling for him to make a full recovery. In saying that, it’s better that he’s property of the Reds right now and not an addition to the list of the Phillies' walking (and limping) wounded. And although there was no way Boras knew Madson was going to suffer this injury, it’s about time Phillies fans finally benefitted from his arrogant and pretentious ways.

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