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National Media finally seeing the real Donovan McNabb


Donovan McNabb hasn’t been a Philadelphia Eagle for two years. Yet every time he opens his mouth, I still cringe.

McNabb photo: www.dailysportnewspaper.org

On Thursday, McNabb took some shots at Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan when asked if Shanahan could succeed in coaching expected draft pick Robert Griffin III.

"No," said McNabb. "I say that because a lot of times ego gets too involved when it comes to being in Washington."

While McNabb might be right, you can’t help but feel he’s once again deflecting the blame for his own shortcomings during his disastrous stink in the nation’s capital, and that his judgment might be a little cloudy. As you all know, McNabb got benched for Rex Grossman in Washington because Shanahan thought Grossman gave his team the best chance to win. Yes, that is humiliating, but McNabb has never really been one to look in a camera and say “My bad. This one is on me.”  This is the same guy who blamed his errant pass to Brian Westbrook in the Super Bowl on the wind. Just look at Andy Reid’s expression on the highlight film when McNabb told him this on the sidelines and it pretty much sums things up.

After his release from the Vikings, McNabb blamed his performance the last two seasons on bad teams as opposed to the fact that his playing days may actually be over. All I have to say is this, the Texans and Bears both lost their quarterback mid-season in 2011, and they still didn’t give McNabb a call. What does that tell you?

We like accountability here in Philadelphia. After all, Mitch Williams gave up a World Series-winning home run, but he still faced every camera afterwards and didn’t blame Dutch Daulton or the anyone else on the Phillies for not scoring enough runs. As a result, Williams will always be held in high regard for this. Much more than McNabb will ever be in this town. And let’s not kid ourselves, it should be the other way around. Who had an overall better career in Philadelphia? A closer who spent three years in the town who is best known for that one pitch to Joe Carter, or the greatest quarterback in Eagles history?

On the field, Donovan McNabb’s physical toughness should never be questioned. This is a guy who once threw four touchdowns while playing on a broken ankle. In all honesty, that should be heralded as one of the gutsiest performances by a Philadelphia athlete ever! Instead, it is only a footnote in the annals of Philly sports. And it all has to do with one thing: the likeability of Donovan McNabb. Philly fans wanted to love McNabb, but he never got over a select few booing him at the NFL Draft in 1999 and held that over our heads for 11 years. He was the part of the most glorious stretch in the history of Eagles football, but he just didn't get it, and Philly fans can smell that a mile away.

If you ask me, there’s some deep-rooted issues here. McNabb has made millions playing football, had a very good NFL career, maintained a positive image off the field, yet he’s always acting like he’s the victim and everyone is out to get him. Who in the NFL would even think of taking a chance on McNabb the way he throws people under the bus? Nobody now. His act is way too stale. And although Philadelphia will never get an apology from the national media in regards to Donovan McNabb, it looks like they too are finally getting a glimpse of what we rolled our eyes at for over a decade.

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McNabb photo: www.dailysportnewspaper.org