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NBA Free Agency in full swing: What will the Sixers do?


NBA free agency began on July 1st, and even though the Philadelphia 76ers weren't thought to make any significant moves, maybe they just might after all.


According to CBS Nightly News Sports, the Houston Rockets are trying to trade their starting center Omer Asik to the Sixers in order to make room for Dwight Howard, who made the decision to jump ship in Los Angeles to sign with the Rockets on Friday.Photo: blog.chron.com


Obviously, this move would workout great for the Rockets, but lets take a look at how it would look for the Sixers.


With the addition of Asik, the Sixers would have a fairly good front court that could compete. With the drafting of Nerlens Noel and with Spencer Hawes already here, thats a nice rotation. Hawes is not really known for his defense, but he can score- especially if you leave him open.  Hawes has a great shot for a big man of his size, and sometimes he can even hit the occasional three.

Noel is mainly known for his defense, so whether the Sixers decide to start him at the center or power forward position, he is a great shot blocker and very athletic. Asik is fairly above average on both sides of the floor, but he sucks at free throws. He's a banger at both ends of the court, that will weigh elite centers down such as Dwight Howard and Roy Hibbert (which will make Noel and Hawes jobs easier).

I like this trade if it happens, and the Sixers are heading in a positive direction.

Malik Charlton is a self-described  "Weird dude with no special talent, just a lot of goals and crazy ambitions!" Malik is a 2013 graduate from Community College of Philadelphia, a poet and sports writer who also writes for the blog "The Sports Leek!" at the website ru-crazy.com. You can find him on Instagram  and on Twitter @weirdo_leek  .

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Photo: blog.chron.com