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Why the Sixers should have traded Jahlil Okafor

As the NBA’s February 18

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Revisiting Kobe Bryant's final trip to Philadelphia

There are few names in the world as recognizable as Kobe Bryant and this basketball star recently returned to his roots.  

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Steve Olenski: Sixers Go Back To 1776

As you may know, Philly2Philly’s Steve Olenski is quite the marketing master, contributing to Forbes magazine and various other publications.  

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Joel Embiid is Sixers' best draft pick in years for many reasons

It has been close to 20 years since the

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NFL Unfiltered Thanksgiving Edition- Giving thanks for football?

One of the many reasons we love professional football is because its participants do spectacular things that seem inhuman.  And they do so, despite dangerous head trauma, and broken bones.

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2014-15 Philadelphia 76ers: Optimism, Chip Kelly-Type Intrigue & Analytics

Must See, Young Matchups and Analytics

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Thaddeus Young will be missed by Sixers and their fans

Don’t get me wrong, I will (and so will many

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Scouting the Sixers and Our Hinkie Hope: Part 2

Last week, Philly2Philly contributor Dan Falcone discussed the inner workings of Sixers' general manager Sam Hinkie. In part 2, Dan attempts to explore the mindset of Hinkie and Sixers' coach Brett Brown after watching the NBA Summer League.

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Scouting the Sixers and Our Hinkie Hope: Part 1

Who is Sam Hinkie?

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