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Ike Richman and wife Shannon look to expand family through adoption

According to the UN

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What I learned From Preparing My Home for Adoption

For anyone who has gone throught the adopting a child they know just how exhausting it can be. After several years of trying to get pregnenet my wife and I decided to adopt. Going in we had no idea how insane they make it. The adoption process is long, laborious and downright demorilizing at times. However Don't let this discourage you. The moment you bring your child home for the first time you will remember why you went through all of the heartache.

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Michael Vick debuted last night and so did SPCA

Last night, August 27th, marked the first official season game for the Eagles since the controversial signing of Michael Vick, convicted for various dog-fighting felonies.  Picketers were organized in South Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field, both supporting and disputing the recently contracted quarterback. 

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