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Cole Hamels admits to hitting Bryce Harper, 'Natitude' Park, and more in Phillies Weekly Recap

Three up, Three Down! With Matt Babiarz

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2012 brings back healthy NL East hatred for Phillies fans

Over the last five years, the Phillies’ annual march to the NL East title has become more and more anticlimactic.

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Phillies Knock off Braves, Michael Vick's Hand Bruised, and Chris Christie's Possible Presidential Run

The Omelette Tuesday September 26, 2011

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Ultimate Philly Sports Fan Bernie Bag-a-Bagel Talks Phillies and the Eagles - Rams Game this Sunday

Philly 2 Philly Phantasy Interviews

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Flyers GM Paul Holmgren Injured in Bike Accident, Tiki Barber Not Returning to NFL, and Cliff Lee Shuts Out Atlanta

The Omelette Tuesday September 6, 2011 Flyers GM Paul Holmgren Seriously Injured in Bicycle Accident

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Cole Hamels Streak, Cockfighting Ring Busted, and Philadelphia Police Beating Video

The Omelette Thursday September 9, 2010 Edition Cole Hamels' Scoreless Innings Streak Extended to 25 Innings

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Philly2Philly grades the 2010 Phillies at the All-Star Break

It is now the midway point in the season for the 2010 Philadelphia Phillies. And what once started out as another promising season has now turned into one of concern.

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Phillies need to put pieces together as talent in National League East is catching up with them

On the cusp of their fourth consecutive win against an American League team, the Phillies worst loss of the year occurred Saturday when their bullpen imploded. This is understandable once or twice a season, and the bullpen has been consistent for the most part. It's quite obvious however, that this Phillies team is

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Billy Vargus discusses the Phillies, Flyers, and Eagles Draft

V FOR VICTORY WITH BILLY VARGUS It’s sort of like a three-headed monster, except that this monster is good. 

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