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barry bonds


Carlos Ruiz returns, but a cheer for Chooch is a cheer for cheating

Like passionate baseball fans everywhere, the Philly faithful let you know what they’re thinking.  

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No Baseball Hall of Fame Inductions in 2013 speaks volumes for Steroid Era

The baseball writers have spoken, and their statement sums up the majority of their collective thoughts on the most tainted era in the history of the game.

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Why does Jim Gray ALWAYS seem to find controversy?

To nobody’s surprise, sportscaster Jim Gray has ticked someone off.Again.

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An Interview with Former Major League Baseball Pitcher and Reading native Rich DeLucia

Recently, I had a chance to talk with former major leaguer Rich DeLucia, a Reading native who pitched for six teams during the 1990's. DeLucia played for, with, and against many greats of the game, including Joe Torre<

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Are the 2010 San Francisco Giants baseball's All-Time WORST World Champion?

I know, I know. I'm writing this as a still-bitter Phillies fan who feels that WE

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Alex Rodriguez hits 600th Home Run and nobody cares!

Have you ever seen less fanfare surrounding an important home run in major league history leading up to Alex Rodriguez's 600th home run this afternoon?

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Jesse James is the Mark McGwire of 2010 after being exposed for cheating on Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were a great American story.  In an era when celebrity marriages go up in smoke faster than start-up small businesses, this story was magical.  Sandra Bullock (who waited forever to get married to the rig

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Floyd Landis: Mennonite, Cyclist, Cheater, and Computer Hacker

Floyd Landis, the pride of Lancaster County Pennsylvania (until 2006 before his downfall) has been many things in his life.  He was raised as a Mennonite.  A child prodigy, he rose through the ranks of the cycling world, which peaked with his victory in the Tour De France. 

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