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Bill Cosby


Flash Mobs in Philadelphia: Sorry PC America, They are a Racial Thing

<!--EndFragment--> For almost a year, police departments in several cities around the country, most noticeably in Baltimore,

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Justin Timberlake dead, Charlie Sheen dead, ENOUGH With Celebrity Death Hoaxes!

When "Justin Timberlake dead" came up as one of Google's hottest trends, that was the final straw for this writer. Although (as we all know), death can obviously occur without warning, Timberlake's "death" is just one of the latest celebrity death hoaxes on Twitter that were lame before they even started.

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Christian Finnegan Comes to Helium Comedy Club

You probably already recognize Christian Finnegan’s face. But now it’s time learn his name. Finnegan is best known for playing “Chad” in the legendary “Real World” sketch on the late, great Chappelle Show. And he was also a regular on VH-1’s popular Best Week Ever and I Love the 80s series. He’s also made several appearances on various MSNBC talk shows.  

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