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Blue Jays


Roy Halladay thanks Philadelphia!

There are no other words to describe this, so here it goes:

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Despite controversies, Curt Schilling should still be a Phillies Wall of Famer

It was only a matter of time, but now it’s official: Curt Schilling is now a member of the

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Ranking Jimmy Rollins with rest of NL East shortstops

If you haven’t yet already, take a minute to read the first two posts, which featured first and second basemen. In this edition of the series, we will be discussing shortstop.    

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Roy Halladay struggles, Chase Utley, Freddy Galvis in the outfield

 Halladay continues to struggle

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Phillies deal Schwimer, Nick Foles to Chiefs? Sixers continue to disappoint

Phillies deal Michael Schwimer 

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Should Amaro blow up Phillies? Trade Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels or Jim Thome?

 Who stays and who goes on 2012 Philadelphia Phillies?

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The Roy Halladay Trade Sweepstakes is all but over

One of our sources with inside information has informed us that the Roy Halladay trade discussions are dead. Nobody is willing to give up the farm for a rental player that they can get in free agency after 2010. The Blue Jays demands were pie in the sky - hoping for someone to bite the bait. Look for the Phillies to turn their attention to Cliff Lee now that Halladay is out of the mix.

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Roy Halladay talks have ended

The Eye reports that talks involving the Phillies and Toronto concerning Roy Halladay have stalled. Apparently talks broke down when the Phillies refused to part with J.A. Happ, Domenic Brown, and Kyle Drabek. Meanwhile, the Angels have jumped into the sweepstakes.  If Toronto does not get exactly who they want, Halladay will not be a Phillie.

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