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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Kitchen 519 in Glendora, NJ

Where: 200 E Evesham Rd, Glendora, NJ 08029  

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Ten Stone: Simple Gastro-Pub with a Philly Twist

There is truly something to be said for the American gastro-pub. They are reliable, entertaining, and you can find at least one good one in every urban neighborhood. Your typical gastro-pub has a handful of staple menu items and then the specialties they create with a unique twist. What do you expect from a gastro-pub?

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Ants Pants Means The Best

The South Street Bridge demolition was a much needed, yet a doubly destructive project for it isolated the western part of South Street just east of the Schuylkill River. With little traffic –and even fewer taxis to speak of—this neighborhood has taken to and kept to itself. Known for their quality, bars and restaurants in this neighborhood have maintained their area regulars and are consistently frequented by patrons undeterred the bridge detours and scarce taxis. Among these first-rate eating establishments is a small café called Ants Pants.

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