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Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' video parodied by The Goodness Project in Camden, New Jersey

A message from The Goodness Project: 

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Brian Dennehy discusses Chris Farley and rennovating Camden, New Jersey: Part 2

In part two of our interview, Brian discusses the late Chris Farley and his efforts in trying to renovate Camden, New Jersey.

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Actor Brian Dennehy talks to Philly2Philly.com: Part 1

Philly2Philly recently had the privilege of talking with two-time Tony Award Winner Brian Dennehy, who was taking part in several projects with Msgr. Michael Mannion to help renovate the city of Camden, New Jersey. Brian also spoke at St.

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Touch Stingrays at the Adventure Aquarium's New Stingray Beach Club

There is something awe-inspiring about aquariums that no matter what age, it’s bound to bring a smile and a dropped jaw. The Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ is a prime example. Sharks swim over top of you. Giant sea turtles come right up to the glass. And you can see hippos floating majestically from an under water vantage point.

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Ozzfest 2010 to come to Philadelphia...well Camden on August 22nd

The details for Ozzfest 2010 were released today.  And, Ozzfest 2010 will be coming to Philly on August 22nd...well Camden to be exact, but for all intents and purposes that's Philadelphia.

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Shark Week at the Adventure Aquarium

We are fully immersed in summer and hopefully enjoying fireworks, treating our taste buds to funnel cake or salt water taffy, soaking in the sun’s rays and most importantly, finding time to escape to the beach and take a dip in the ocean. But moments after wading in playful waves, the unforgettable music from Jaws begins to play in the back of everyone’s mind.

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