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chan ho park


Get used to Phillies' up and down bullpen for rest of 2010, and beyond.....

"KEEP ON PHIGHTIN' WITH JOE VALLEE" There is absolutely nothing that will drastically change the face of the Phillies' bullpen for the rest of 2010 or even 2011, so there's no use really even talking about it.

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Pedro Martinez dominant in Phillies' game two loss against Dodgers

Pedro Martinez would have been the story of the 2009 playoffs thus far had things played out differently in Los Angeles today.  Instead, he's the latest pitcher in playoff history to have a dominant start go up in smoke.  

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Philly2Philly NLCS Preview of the Phillies vs Dodgers

For the second straight year, the Los Angeles Dodgers stand in the Phillies way of a trip to the World Series. Let's break down the keys to the Phillies sending the Dodgers home again. Cole Hamels MUST be the old Cole Hamels:

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Phillies Magic Number is Really One

Everyone keeps talking about the magic number for the Phillies to clinch their third consecutive division title.

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