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Celebrating those wins in the game of parenting

When I worked in the corporate world, we often had what are known as “post-mortems.” These meetings followed large-scale team projects that often took months of effort.

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To Be Good Parents, We Need to Take Care of Ourselves

In early spring I met Sandra Stephens, a vivacious, knowledgeable sales rep for

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Parents, breathe deep and recognize your stress

In the past week, I focused on a variety of priorities, uncertain that I can truly control any of them.

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Parents, make sure you take those pictures of your kids!

I can remember a conversation I had with an older woman at the grocery store. It was about three months after I had become a mother.

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Imaginative Illustrations: “Enchanting Simplicity” Children's Book Exhibit

Just the thought of nursery rhymes and fairytales whisks me back to nights of bedtime stories that my parents read from brightly colored books filled with imaginative illustrations that found their way into my dreams.

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