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Cincinnati Reds


Phillies-Yankees World Series Preview: A Tale of Two Franchises

When you come to think about it, there aren't any two teams on such opposite ends of the baseball history spectrum as The Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees.  So it's kind of ironic that on Wednesday night, the two teams will be squaring off against each other as the World Series finally begins.

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Phillies Chances of Repeating Unlikely

When people laugh at my concerns regarding the Phillies these days, they call me crazy. I beg to differ. Watching almost every Phillies game since 1985-86 will give you an insight that casual Phillies fans can't and won't understand.

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Mixed Emotions: The Continuing Story of Pete Rose

In the thirty one years of my existence, I've met my share of actors, rock stars, television personalities, athletes and even a president. I'm lucky to say that most of them have been very courteous, if not gracious. In saying that, there's always one bad apple out of every good bunch that spoils things for everyone. Lenny Dykstra wasn't the most pleasant guy during my bat boy days, and former 76ers "guard" Greg Graham was so pathetic he doesn't even count. As a result, my bad apple gets the nod over the "poser" of a hoops star and the now bankrupt "Dude." And the winner is...........

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