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9/11: What followed and how it shaped us 12 years later

Just about 12 hours earlier on September 10th, 2001, I was at the old Vallee and Bowe Cadillac dealership in Woodbury, New Jersey, helping a couple take delivery of their brand new Oldsmobile Alero as the nine o’clock hour (ie: closing time) drew close

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Senator Rand Paul Hints at running for President in 2016 at CPAC

This week at the Conservative Political Action Committee’s annual meeting known for bringing the country’s most enthusiastic grassroots conservatives together,

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Robert Blake is no 'Baretta,' and that's not a good thing

In the 1970’s,

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Jon Bon Jovi is Not Dead and He Responds to Internet Death Hoax

Jon Bon Jovi is Not Dead Folks!

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News Corp Scandal: Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Isn't So Fair and Balanced When It Comes To That

A phone hacking scandal that started at

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Is Elizabeth Taylor Dead? Death Not True According to TMZ, CNN or Radar Online

The Elizabeth Taylor death rumors are running rampant today, but rather than rely upon Twitter for my news, I do what any sane person should do. I seek out TMZ, CNN, or other credible news outlets like Radar Online.

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How Social Networks Like Facebook and Twitter, and Blogs Are Shaping Politics and Our World

The increasing connectivity that social networking allows has transformed our lives. At the same time, use of these powerful tools has been redefining politics. Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs are rapidly supplanting television, radio, and newspapers as information sources of choice.

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Rick Sanchez Rivals Rush Limbaugh's Donovan McNabb Comments

CNN wasted little time in firing Rick Sanchez yesterday, who disgraced the network with his comments regarding Jews. Sanchez was canned for not what he said about Jon Stewart (calling him a bigot) but suggesting that Jews run CNN and all the other networks.

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The Roundtable Gets the Tour: Comedians of Chelsea Lately Come to Philadelphia

Loni Love, Josh Wolf  and Brad Wollack performed along with special guest Chuy Bravo  at the

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