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DeSean Jackson deserved a one-way ticket out of town, not an extension

Just in case you hadn’t figured out by now, my stock in DeSean Jackson has been reduced to practically nothing after his performance last season for the Philadelphia Eagles- on and off the field.

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Jeremy Maclin Holdout: All about the years

As Jeremy Maclin's holdout has been going on for a week now there still is no indication when he will sign.  The impasse in negotiations appears to be due to the length of the contract.  The Eagles want a long-term deal, while Maclin's agent wants to get a short-term deal.  This of course also determines the amount of up-front money.  When we hear more we will be sure to update you. 

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Eagles to McNabb: Go win a Super Bowl

It is all about the next two years. Should the Eagles do what they have never done before and win a Super Bowl in that span and the $5.3 to $6.3 million raise they handed Donovan McNabb last Friday will be the best investment Jeffrey Lurie made since he bought the team from Norman Braman for a $190 million pittance in 1994. Go backwards from last year’s appearance in the NFC Championship Game, and they may as well have thrown the money away, or given it to Sheldon Brown.

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