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Occupy Wall Street: Like the Tea Party it Should Be Taken Seriously

Over the past month the country has experienced a wave of protests throughout its most prominent cities, and some less prominent cities known as Occupy Wall Street (OWS).

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Pennsylvania Primaries Will Have Major National Implications on Democratic-Republican Seats

On May 18th, Pennsylvanians will have the opportunity to go to the polls and choose their party’s nominees for the general election in November. Unfortunately, few will do so.

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Three Major Myths Surrounding Arizona Immigration Law

It amazes me that there are such vehement protests over the new Arizona immigration law. It is modeled after the federal law that has been in effect for about 70 years and was passed to protect our country and our citizens.

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No Public Option for You! Says Joe Lieberman

Well, the verdict is in.  The Democrats have caved in to Joe Lieberman, et al. and will not have a public option in the so-called health insurance overhaul. Let's be frank though.  What little public option was left in this bill wasn't exactly anything to get excited about.

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Septa Strike: The TWU workers should take a paycut for their horrible service

Hey! It’s time for the semi-annual strike by the Transit Workers Union! I’ve been dying to be completely inconvenienced so a group of unskilled, rude, horrible, imbecilic, ignorant and, most importantly, overpaid token collectors can fight for their right to… well, let’s look at what this strike is actually about.

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The Philadelphia Phillies embody the True Spirit of Red October

A few months ago, I was out somewhere and one of my more outspoken leftist anti-WTO activist friends started screaming about how sports served nothing more to distract us from the “real” issues that affect our world. Not wanting an argument, and being someone who spends a large chunk of his income on all things related to baseball, I bit my tongue. But it did get me to think about sports, politics and the world at large.

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The Healthcare Reform Battle: Who Will Win?

As summer winds down it always feels a little lazy at this time of year. The shadows start to lengthen in the afternoon. Debris begins to fall off trees and litters both street and grass. Evenings cool off a little faster. The screams and squeals heard from neighborhood kids as they play take on a more urgent tone because they know its almost over: school with its rituals and routines is just around the corner.

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Why Pennsylvania No Longer Swings

Until 1980, conventional twentieth century political thinking postulated that four states pretty much decided national elections. Those states were Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida. These states were large, powerful, balanced between the two political parties, and always in play. They were swing states. Last fall's election saw the advent of other states as swing states. Florida and Ohio hold over from the old list. Colorado, Missouri, Virginia, and North Carolina were added as crucial players in Barak Obama's victory. What happened to Michigan and Pennsylvania?

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