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Drew Brees


Is Chip Kelly out of answers for 2014 Eagles? NFL Unfiltered Week 15

For the first time in

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Chip Kelly is the NFL's most insightful offensive coach: NFL Unfiltered Week 10

In a copycat league devoid of innovation,

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Will Super Bowl XLVIII change Peyton Manning's Legacy? NFL Unfiltered: Super Bowl Edition

Today, any ‘Best quarterback of all time’ discussion invariably becomes an exercise in comparative statistics.

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Are NFL experts biased against certain quarterbacks? NFL Unfiltered Wildcard Edition

When analyzing NFL quarterbacks, particularly young ones, the national media changes the narrative more than a Christopher Nolan film.  

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Eagles vs Saints: Philly2Philly's Playoff Predictions

For the first time in three years, the Philadlephia Eagles have a playoff game, and it's at home! There's been talk all week about this game, so some of us wanted to throw in our two cents and make some predictions.  

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Eagles edge Cowboys to win NFC East! The Morning After

Good morning campers,

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NFL Unfiltered Week 13: Jovan Belcher, Chiefs, Eagles, and more

Several weeks ago, Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive tackle Eric Winston publicly chastised Arrowhead Stadium fans for booing injured quarterback Matt Cassel as he lie motionless on the field.  

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NFL Unfiltered Week 9: Philadelphia Eagles, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and more!

This week’s unfiltered is not about discrimination.

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