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eric bruntlett


Phillies pull off miracle win against Dodgers. One win from World Series

What exactly is it about Game Four of the NLCS when the Phillies play the Dodgers?

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Who will or won't make the Phillies NLDS Postseason Roster?

With the Phillies concluding their regular season this afternoon with a thrilling 7-6 victory over the Florida Marlins, it became obvious to all that Charlie Manuel has some big decisions to make regarding his 2009 NLDS Postseason Roster, which is to be submitted to Major League Baseball by 10 am Wednesday morning. While some roster spots are no-brainers, some decisions are going to take more time than others. Here are some questions the Phillies will have to address as well as who should and who shouldn't be part of the Fightins postseason plans. Let's start with the questions.

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Bruntlett Turns A Triple Play?

I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking it too. Don't deny it. This one had "blown save" written ALL over it. And for once, you couldn't pin ANYTHING on Brad Lidge. The inning started with a line drive that somehow bounced in between the legs of a crouching Ryan Howard.  Eric Bruntlett, just yesterday the whipping boy in my article concerning the Philles and their rather weak bench, boots two ground balls that literally had me screaming like a raging lunatic at my television. There should be two outs. One more and the Phils go home with a win, right?  False.

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Phillies must improve bench in order to repeat

If the Phillies plan on going deep again into the post season this year, they are going to have to do it with a stronger bench.

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