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Treasuring Summer's Memories

Many moments seem to have little gratification when it comes to organizing a busy household. The days can run together, especially when you’re a stay-at-home parent like me.

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Adventure Aquarium lets you sleep over with their program 'Deep Sleep'

A night at the Aquarium…  

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Seafood Unlimited: Small Town Pearl

‘Tis the season. We’re already in the ninth month of the calendar year and even though you should have your Restaurant Week list written (and re-written) out, here’s another eatery you may want to consider when looking to entertain your justifiable desire for above par food.

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Kilyos Fish & Grill

From the outside, Kilyos Fish & Grill isn’t much to look at. Tucked in a somewhat ragged looking strip mall on Bustleton Ave., you’re likely to drive by it a few times before you notice the blue and yellow “Fish Grill” sign, with the anchor and ship wheels. But whatever you do, don’t give up because when you finally find it, you’ve reached the pearl at the center of a rocky oyster.

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