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franklin institute


What Philadelphia neighborhoods fit your personality?

Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Exploring Your Options

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Hugo’s ‘Automaton’ will be demonstrated this weekend at Franklin Institute

There has been a lot of hoopla surrounding

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FirstGlance Film Festival in Philadelphia

The 12th annual FirstGlance Independent Film Festival  kicked off on Thursday, October 22nd and ran through Sunday, October 25th in The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The event took place at Franklin Theater and debuted more than 34 projects, and an online short film competition.

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Campus Philly's College Day

This weekend, college students in the city and surrounding areas will be able to access discounts galore from area restaurants, museums and attractions, all thanks to Campus Philly. This local, nonprofit organization fuels community economic growth by encouraging college students to explore and hopefully take up residence in Philly.  

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Captain’s Prerogative (A Visit to Star Trek: The Exhibition)

Stefanie Santo, communications manager at the Franklin Institute, is leading me up to Star Trek: The Exhibition on the second floor of the Mandell  Center. As we near the entrance to the exhibit, I am able to discern music pumping out of the Institute’s sound system. It is the music that accompanies the Borg assault from an early scene in Star Trek: First Contact. You see: I am a second generation Trekkie.

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