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greg dobbs


Roy Oswalt gets injured, “Evil” Danys Baez returns, and the Phillies lose. Yep, this was NOT a good night for the Fightins.

Despite the Phillies’ rash of injuries that have plagued the team since the start of Spring Training,

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Philly2Philly grades the 2010 Phillies at the All-Star Break

It is now the midway point in the season for the 2010 Philadelphia Phillies. And what once started out as another promising season has now turned into one of concern.

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Will Phillies turn the corner on 2010 despite drama and rumors surrounding the team?

There were pre AND post game fireworks at the Phillies game Friday night.

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Phillies have many holes to fill before they make a playoff run

The Phillies took a good first step this week in their attempt to climb back into first

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Phillies on the verge of something special

The Phillies postseason run in 2009 has been anything but predictable. In the Division Series, they beat a heretofore dominant Houston Street not once, but twice in back to back games. The latter in spectacular fashion with a two-out, three run rally in the 9th inning. And with Ryan “get me to the plate” Howard picking up this team and placing it on his back, the Philadelphia Phillies are seriously charging towards something special.

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Phillies must improve bench in order to repeat

If the Phillies plan on going deep again into the post season this year, they are going to have to do it with a stronger bench.

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