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Gwyneth Paltrow


'Iron Man 3' goes outside the box for franchise's third offering

When you really think about it, a third film in a movie trilogy is arguably the most pivotal of the bunch.

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Lil Wayne released, Selena Gomez made Justin Bieber cry, Gwyneth Paltrow’s miscarriage

Lil Wayne released from hospital   

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Hunger Games "Catching Fire" Casting News, 'No Doubt's' New Album Due in September, Cameron Diaz Writing First Book

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Cast in The Hunger Games Upcoming Film

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2012 Oscar Recap - Billy Crystal, Predictable Winners and Cirque du Soleil

After last year’s debacle, the Academy turned to Billy Crystal to host his 9

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83rd Oscars possibly the most boring Academy Awards Ceremony in history

This thing was a clunker from the word ‘go.’

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2011 Grammy Awards Had Great Performances and Some Upsets

I usually watch the beginning of the Grammy’s for some of the fun musical numbers,

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Iron Man 2 doesn't fly as high as the original, but it still delivers

With the original Iron Man a surprise hit during the summer of 2008, Iron Man 2 isn't exactly going to sneak up on anybody like its predecessor. Due to the monster success of the first film (which grossed over $300 million in the US), it's needless to say that this much anticipated sequel has lofty expectations.

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Hot Hairstyles

As women, our daily routine can be so hectic!  I can bet that the last thing you want to do is spend ample amounts of time doing your hair. Am I right? We would rather wash it and go or even wake-up and go!  Well, I have some hairstyle solutions that will prevent all this hair fuss!  These styles are easy-to-do and get this, they are the styles of summer—the “hot hairstyles!”  Oh, and did I mention that these styles are not just for a spicy night out or a day at the beach, but yes my dear, they can be worn at the office too!

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