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Handsome Furs


Philly2Philly.com looks back at the most notable Philly shows of 2009

Anyone who’s read my music spotlight column over the past six months or so understands that the local music I profile tends to be left of center. This is mostly due to the fact that I’m profiling local Philly bands, and the “in” style seems to be left-of-center indie rock. It’s also what I tend to listen to. Go figure.

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Handsome Furs at Johnny Brenda’s – 7/9/09

Alexi Perry and Dan Boeckner are in love. How do I know? Besides the obvious, my girlfriend tells me. “She loves him so much,” she says to me in Johnny Brenda’s crowded upstairs concert hall. How does she know? The Montreal-based husband-wife duo (Boeckner on guitar and lyrics, Perry on synthesizer and drum machine) will pose with each other throughout their show, kiss and point to corresponding lyrics in songs like “Radio Kaliningrad”: “My home is you/My home on the other side.”

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