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Hank Baskett


Kevin Kolb Out, Michael Vick In, Roy Halladay Wins 20th, and Hank Baskett Cut

The Omelette Wednesday September 22, 2010 Edition Kevin Kolb Out as Starter, Michael Vick is In

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David Akers of the Eagles helps Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with his "Kicking In Spring" Event

The 5th Annual David Akers Kicking in Spring event took place Wednesday night at Cescaphe Ballroom (923 N.

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The Philadelphia Sports World and How I See It

Hi everyone, You have to excuse my long absence but I made a personal vow to not write again until the Eagles brought back Hank Baskett.

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Will Hank Baskett Be a Catch for the Colts?

When Hank Baskett was an undrafted free agent wide receiver traded to our Eagles from the Minnesota Vikings for Billy McMullen in 2006, he captured the heart and souls of Eagles fans everywhere. After flying under the radar at the University of New Mexico, Baskett showed he had the type of “heart” that Philadelphia sport fans crave for in their hero’s. Unfortunately, heart and soul and knowledge of Andy Reid’s “Telephone-book” type playbook are not enough to keep a job in the City of Brotherly Love.

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The Eagles will need to get a veteran tight end

With the injury to rookie tight end Cornelius Ingram, the Eagles will now have to go after a veteran tight end to fill the back-up role. Although this likely means Ingram will become a project (injuring the same knee twice is never a good thing) the Eagles have some chips to make this happen.  They are heavy at cornerback and wide receiver and could move either Ellis Hobbs, Hank Baskett, or Reggie Brown to get it done. Some possibilities include St. Louis Rams tight end Randy McMichael, who has lost much of the luster from his glory days in Miami. 

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