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health care


Sarah Palin and The Tea Party have finally hijacked The Republican Party

Sarah Palin and The Tea Party are a match made in heaven.  One needs the other and the other needs her.  And, as of this past weekend they have now successfully hijacked The

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Sarah Palin and Tea Party Express take over Searchlight Nevada in Conservative Woodstock

The Tea Party movement isn't about to give up after losing the health care battle to the Obama Administration.  In fact, they have just begun.

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Desperate Right Wingers use Joe Biden F Bomb as ammo against health care reform

Joe Biden is under attack for a verbal slip-up yesterday-when he dropped an F-bomb  on TV just before President Obama signed the historic health care bill into law.

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President Obama's health care plan: Money pit or a victory for working class Americans?

President Obama's Health Care plan will be put to test this week as he unveiled the $950 billion proposal to Congress this week.

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Obama should be nervous if Scott Brown defeats Martha Coakley for Massachusetts Senate seat

If President Obama wasn't a nervous about the healthcare bill's chances for survival then he will be tonight.

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The Philadelphia Phillies embody the True Spirit of Red October

A few months ago, I was out somewhere and one of my more outspoken leftist anti-WTO activist friends started screaming about how sports served nothing more to distract us from the “real” issues that affect our world. Not wanting an argument, and being someone who spends a large chunk of his income on all things related to baseball, I bit my tongue. But it did get me to think about sports, politics and the world at large.

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Health Care Reform & Inertia in America

“If you don’t set deadlines in this town, things don’t happen,” Mr. Obama said. “The default position is inertia.” The above quote was delivered by President Obama several nights ago at a prime-time press conference in which Mr Obama, like every Democratic president for the past forty years, tried to stimulate action on reform of the way health care is done in America.

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