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helium comedy club


Christian Finnegan Comes to Helium Comedy Club

You probably already recognize Christian Finnegan’s face. But now it’s time learn his name. Finnegan is best known for playing “Chad” in the legendary “Real World” sketch on the late, great Chappelle Show. And he was also a regular on VH-1’s popular Best Week Ever and I Love the 80s series. He’s also made several appearances on various MSNBC talk shows.  

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Anton Shuford: Philly’s Phunniest Person

Anton Shuford knocked it out of the park right from the start. Shuford won this year’s Philly’s Phunniest Person contest after a two-week long tournament held at Helium Comedy Club. Shuford wowed the audience and judges right from the bat, telling a completely insane tale about his desire to catch a ball at a Phillies game. “I feel good. I’m glad I don’t have to re-enter this contest again,” Shuford said in his first interview after taking the title. “There are so many good comics in this competition. It’s a thrill to win. I’m so happy right now.”

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The Champ Is Here

Over the next two weeks, tears will be formed, blood will be shed and wills will be broken in a conflict for the ages. Once again, the Helium Comedy Club is hosting Philadelphia’s Phunniest Person contest.

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Comedian Spotlight: Jon Goff

Usually, a mention of the phrase “PowerPoint” brings dark thoughts about boring office or classroom presentations. But not to Jon Goff, who has made his mark by somehow turning a Microsoft Office application into a comedic medium

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