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Chris Brown Flips On Good Morning America, Japan Earthquake Benefit Album, Hobbit Movies, and Sammy Hagar Alien Abduction Claim

Chris Brown’s Violent Freak-out After Good Morning America Interview

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Some Lessons Learned After Japan's Nuclear Reactor Nightmare Following the Earthquake and Tsunami

Japan has faced literally earth-shattering horrors.

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Live Arts and Philly Fringe: Leah Stein’s Japan House/Philadelphia Dance Performance

Leah Stein Dance Company presents an on-site production at the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden that fuses dance and historic locality to inspire a new perception of the arts.

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Generations of Sweetness at the Philadelphia National Candy,Gift and Gourmet Show

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”  Well, chocolate covered lions and tigers and bears that is, all on display at The Philadelphia National Candy, Gift and Gourmet Show. If you have a sweet tooth, it just got a whole lot sweeter. With samples everywhere of chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered caramels, chocolate filled martini glasses—and oh yes, did I mention they have chocolate?

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