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jay leno show


Leno returns with big ratings, now Howard Stern is on Conan O'Brien's side

Jay Leno made his return last night to The Tonight Show and kicked David Letterman's butt in the ratings, scoring a 5.7 share to Letterman's 3.0.

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Jay Leno tells Conan O'Brien's fans that he's not the bad guy

Jay Leno went on Oprah yesterday (for PR sake) to tell his side of the story now that the smoke has cleared from the Conan O'Brien-NBC fiasco.

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Jimmy Kimmel on Leno-meanwhile Conan Obrien takes shots at NBC

Jimmy Kimmel made an appearance on Jay Leno's show last night after doing his show as Jay Leno for a week.

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Pee-wee Herman appears on Jay Leno, but is all forgiven?

I can remember the summer of 1991 like it was yesterday. My first summer as a teenager saw my hormones kick into high gear as I spent the majority of my days at the local pool checking out the girls swim team. When the summer started, there was Michael Jordan FINALLY winning his first NBA Title with the Bulls.

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