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jeff francoeur


Charlie Manuel Requests a Hitter: Analyzing the Phillies’ Trade Deadline Possibilities

The Major League Baseball non-waiver trade deadline is July 31st

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Kensington Strangler Attacks Again, Pat Gillick Inducted Into Hall of Fame, and Jeff Francoeur Possible Replacement for Jayson Werth

The Omelette Tuesday December 7, 2010 Kensington Strangler Responsible for 6 Attacks

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Phillies fans, don't blame Jayson Werth for taking the Nationals' money, remember him as a champion

You knew the minute Jayson Werth hired Scott Boras as his

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Bruntlett Turns A Triple Play?

I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking it too. Don't deny it. This one had "blown save" written ALL over it. And for once, you couldn't pin ANYTHING on Brad Lidge. The inning started with a line drive that somehow bounced in between the legs of a crouching Ryan Howard.  Eric Bruntlett, just yesterday the whipping boy in my article concerning the Philles and their rather weak bench, boots two ground balls that literally had me screaming like a raging lunatic at my television. There should be two outs. One more and the Phils go home with a win, right?  False.

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