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Jeff Garcia


Terrell Owens still starting controversy in Philadelphia

T.O., T.O.,T.O., T.O. T.O........T.O.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Tim Tebow and the Broncos Move Up

So much for the Raiders getting physical with the Pack last week.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Packers survive Giants and remain at top spot

Came close on the Packers losing to the Giants although I never officially picked the G Men...

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McNabb is gone and Kolb era begins, but careful what you wish for Eagles fans

"On The Mark" with Mark Eckel

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Grading the Eagles in their win against the Chiefs

RUSHING OFFENSE – Only the Eagles and Andy Reid could call just 24 running plays in a game they won by 20 points. They gained 95 yards on the 24 runs (take away Jeff Garcia’s three kneeldowns for minus two), which is OK. LeSean McCoy, playing for an injured Brian Westbrook (ankle) was impressive. The rookie second-round pick from Pitt got 20 of the calls and gained 84 yards, showing excellent cut-back ability. He also scored his first NFL touchdown on a five-yard run off a direct snap.

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The Morning After-Saints March Over Eagles

Good morning campers.

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Welcome back to the Eagles Jeff Garcia

“Who’d have thought they’d lead ya…back here where we need ya.  Yeah we tease him a lot but we got him cause we’ve got him on the spot welcome back.”   Yes, these are the lyrics to the famed 70’s TV show “Welcome Back Kotter” and when songwriter John Sebastin wrote this hit jingle, I’m fairly certain he didn’t have Jeff Garcia in mind but the lyrics are pretty appropriate.  Jeff Garcia is back in Eagle green for at least a week,… maybe longer?

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With Shawn Andrews out, will the Eagles turn to Jon Runyan?

The Eagles want, and need, Jon Runyan, now that Shawn Andrews is on injured reserve, leaving the team thin on the offensive line. So why haven't they signed him? Well, because of Donovan McNabb's injury, they were forced to sign Jeff Garcia and then activate Michael Vick. As soon as McNabb is considered ready, look for a QB to go, probably Garcia, but you never know, and for the team to add Runyan. However, if it takes too long Runyan could be in Buffalo by then. That's how The Eye sees it.

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With Shawn Andrews' Eagles career likely over, it's just another case of "What If"

The Eagles have made it official: Shawn Andrews was placed on injured reserve today to make room for Jeff Garcia.  As if the move of bringing back Garcia wasn't adding enough drama to a season that's only one game old, they have "unofficially" officially ended Shawn Andrews' tenure with the Eagles. Make no mistake about it, Andrews will not play in Philadelphia again.  He may never play in the NFL again.

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