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Joe Biden and Paul Ryan's VP Debate: Call it a Tie

Republicans said that they felt

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Joe Biden and Paul Ryan's Debate Was a Toss-Up

In contrast to the first presidential debate in which there was a clear winner,

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Joe Biden Tops Paul Ryan In Their Debate in Danville, Kentucky

Last night Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Vice President-hopeful Paul Ryan squared off in a debate in Danville, Kentucky.

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Paul Ryan Vs. Joe Biden: There is No Comparison

The great majority of vice-presidents have been famously insignificant—unless, of course, their boss dies or resigns, and they get to move into the Oval Office.

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Philadelphia's Windsor Johnston: News Director at WRTI

“There was a 14 year-old girl in Kenya. Her name was Grace and I will never forget her. She is an amazing artist. One night I sat with her watching the sunset aside of Lake Vitoria.

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History Shows That President Obama Should Support Hosni Mubarak In Egypt

Most of President Obama’s State of the Union Address dealt with domestic issues like dealing with the national debt, education, and “Winning the Future”.

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Book Thrown At Obama in Philly, School Webcam Case Settled, and Missing Boaters Found

The Omelette Tuesday October 12, 2010 Book Thrown At Obama During Germantown Rally

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