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July 4th


A Gorgeously Frugal Porch and Patio Project!

Hey, everybody - I hope you had an outstanding

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4th of July Fireworks listings for Philadelphia-New Jersey

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Make your 4th of July deliciously frugal!

Happy (almost)

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Independence Day 2012: July 4th Fireworks in The Philadelphia and Jersey Shore Areas

As most of the country deals with record-breaking droughts, wildfires (in Colorado), and sweltering temperatures (down south), people in the Southeast PA and Jersey areas were spared for the past few days, until tomorrow that is.

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Independence Day 2012: Enjoy a Frugally Festive 4th of July

Another fabulous 4th of July is upon us, and frankly, I adore this holiday.

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Independence Day 2011, Police Target Person of Interest in Montgomery County Shootings, and Cliff Lee's Streak Ends

The Omelette Monday July 4, 2011 Independence Day Independence Day 2011: Fireworks, Cookouts, Parades, and More

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Independence Day 2011: July 4th Fireworks in The Philadelphia Area

As much of the country deals with record-breaking droughts, wildfires, and sweltering temperatures, the Philadelphia region is getting off rather easy this Fourth of July.

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Kristen Hagopian: Enjoy a Fabulously Frugal 4th of July!

Hey everybody – Happy Independence Day!  Read on for some effortless ideas on doing up this wonderful red, white and blue holiday without spending a lot of green!

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Segway Owner's Death in Segway Accident An Ultimate Tragic Irony

James W. Heselden, the owner of Segway Company died in an accident involving one of his own Segway cars on Sunday when he  plunged off a cliff into a river. 

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