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La Salle University


Why Chuck Cassidy's killer, John "Jordan" Lewis should be spared from the death penalty

The opinions expressed in the following article do not necessarily reflect those of the staff at Philly2Philly.com

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An Interview with Speedy Morris

Philadelphia is a city known for its coaches. So many great ones – everyone from Charlie Manuel to Dr. Jack Ramsey – have made their mark or got their start here. But perhaps the finest of them all, and certainly the most underrated, is William “Speedy” Morris. No matter what level of basketball, and Morris has coached at all levels of basketball, he has succeeded. And, as a result, Morris has been named to the Big Five Hall of Fame.

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History Is His Story

La Salle University History professor John Rossi has long taught the story of important people and places to his students. But now he has told his own tale.

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