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lauren harris


Preston and Steve's 2011 Totally Office Calender Party brings thousands to Chickie's and Pete's

Preston and Steve's 2010 Totally Office Calender Party last November was insane.This year's party topped that.

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Preston and Steve's 2010 Totally Office Calendar Release Party at Chickie's and Pete's

A crowd of men and women in the thousands (yes, I said thousands) came in droves to Chickie's and Pete's  on Friday night. So what exactly was the reason why lines were wrapped around the Packer Ave location? On hand were the 13 girls  who are featured in the 2010 version of Preston and Steve's Totally Office Calendar from 93.3 WMMR.

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Drunk Day 2009: A Closer Look

DISCLAIMER: The following article is based strictly on the grounds of humor and nothing else. It is not by any means a promotion or encouragement of alcohol abuse on behalf of Philly2Philly.com or 93.3 WMMR. It should be noted that Co-host Steve Morrison of The Preston and Steve Show does not even partake in alcoholic beverages. Moreover, none of the contestants stepped behind the wheel of a vehicle when Drunk Day 2009 ended. The contestants who participated in this event were provided transportation to their preferred destination at the end of the show.

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