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Rush Limbaugh's Expensive Wedding Alienates Him From Working Class Republicans

Attention working class Republicans:  Rush Limbaugh is a fraud. Each day millions of Limbaugh supporters and opponents listen to his show for a variety of reasons.  The core group of listeners-his most ardent followers are the ones who have provided him with the extravagant lifestyle he has.

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Rush Limbaugh tops Pat Robertson in stupidity with his Haiti comments

Rush Limbaugh will never be confused for Mr. Compassion, but his comments on Haiti completely go outside the bounds of responsible broadcasting.

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Hatred in America

 On April 7th, a little more than two months ago, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report warning that domestic right-wing extremism is the most pressing domestic terrorist threat that America faces. The report warned that these extremists could use the troubled economy and the election of Barack Obama to recruit members. 

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