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Los Angeles


Philadelphia would love an owner like Jerry Buss

I must admit with full disclosure that I despise the Los Angeles

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Cast Reunites at Keswick Theater for New Year's Eve

It’s probably television’s most unlikely success story. A group of Minneapolis residents, led by a stand-up comic with a passion for ventriloquism and robot building, pitched a show entitled Mystery Science Theater 3000 to a little-watched local UHF channel. The plot: evil scientists sent a man to space to test the effects of awful movies on the human brain; however, the man uses his ingenuity to build several robot friends who help him keep his wits by heckling the movies.

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Phillies Advance to NLCS as Ryan Howard Sparks Historic Comeback

What more can you say? Really? What more can you say about this team?

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Vans Warped Tour 15th Anniversary Celebration Wrap-up

It was time to get my nostalgia on.

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Meet Micah and Emily McGraw

If you would like to hear songs about cats, tasers and a guy who works at AutoZone, then Emily and Micah McGraw are for you.  Emily and Micah McGraw, a married couple who live in West Philly, are a musical duo who plays at various comedy shows throughout the city. Their songs tend to be absurd, to say the least.

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I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell's Tucker Max Talks With Philly2Philly.com

Some say I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell has got all the makings to be a college cult classic, others criticize the movie as depicting exactly what's wrong with today's youth.

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The Music of Diane Birch

On the surface, Diane Birch’s story doesn’t seem that unique. The daughter of loving parents, she took up an instrument at the age of seven, rebelled during her teenage years, then crossed states in her early twenties, in search of a dream.

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