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love park


Top Things to Do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular place to visit throughout the year. Much like other cities, you’ll never get bored on a stay here, and among the bustling commuter districts and busy tourist spots, there are many hidden gems to explore.

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Earth Day Celebrates 40 Green Years in Philadelphia

The year 1970 kicked off a decade dedicated to promoting peace and love, and was host to the our very first Earth Day on April 22.

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Valentine’s Day and all its Trappings!

So, it’s that time of year again in the City of Brotherly Love, where the ladies anticipate flowers and chocolates and the men shell out their cold hard cash for them.

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Where the Heart Is: Part Two

Talking to the homeless man in Love Park left me curious about the lifestyles of Philadelphia’s homeless. I had so many questions about them that I thought that needed to be answered, not so much on a social level, but on a personal level. I took a trip to a homeless shelter in North Philly to talk to an individual who I heard much about. A friend who had read part one of this segment had told me about a man who had no home, no car, and very little possessions.

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Where the Heart Is- Part One

I wanted to be a rock star when I was younger. There was something about my personality that just gave me the drive to become talented with  music, and become praised for my talent. Fortunately I had the means to invest in the tools I needed to achieve my goal.

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