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mitch williams


PHOTOS: 1993 Phillies 20-Year Reunion

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since the

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Despite controversies, Curt Schilling should still be a Phillies Wall of Famer

It was only a matter of time, but now it’s official: Curt Schilling is now a member of the

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Lenny Dykstra Might Have Allen Iverson Beat

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Lenny Dykstra Arrested For Drug Possession and Grand Theft Auto

Lenny Dykstra's downard spiral continues. Last July karma caught up to Lenny Dykstra in a big way as he was reportedly homeless after losing millions of his money and other people's money. Then, there were reports that he was hanging out with Charlie Sheen. And, if you're hanging out with Charlie Sheen - you're bound to get into trouble at some point.

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Looks like karma is catching up with Lenny Dykstra

Former Phillies reliever Mitch Williams  said it best regarding Lenny Dykstra (or something to this extent on the 610 WIP Morning Show): In life, there is a "what goes around stage" and a "comes around stage." Lenny is definitely in the "comes around stage."

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Brett Myers Closing? Now THAT'S Ironic

It was late May of 1993 and I was wrapping up my Freshman year in high school. As my dad picked me up from school one afternoon, local sports talk radio was bombarded with calls concerning the previous night's Phillies game. A game that Mitch Williams handed to the Mets after Danny Jackson pitched eight masterful innings.

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