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moses malone


Philadelphia would love an owner like Jerry Buss

I must admit with full disclosure that I despise the Los Angeles

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The Sixers go up 3-1 on the Bulls, but are you surprised?

The Sixers  have a three games to one lead on the top-seed Chic

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Hey Philadelphia, the Sixers are fun to watch again!

It’s been a long time coming, but you no longer have to make a choice between watching that hilarious T.J. Hooker rerun and a Sixers game.

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2011 NBA Draft and Andre Iguodala - Monta Ellis Trade Could Transform Sixers In a Big Way

As the 2011 NBA Draft quickly approaches us on Thursday evening, the Sixers have some gametime decisions to make about the makeup of their young, talented lineup.

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2011 Phillies had the chance to be this generation’s 1982-83 Sixers

There are champions in sports every year.

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Could the Sixers be relocated if team is sold? And would Philadelphia miss them?

When word came across the wire Tuesday that the Sixers were in talks “about the future of the team,”  it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize a pending sale could be very likely.

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Sixers make the right move with Evan Turner, but the Phillies can forget about Cliff Lee

Did anybody else get an unsettling feeling when former Sixers great Moses Malone threw out the first pitch

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Top Five Philadelphia Athletes traded away in their prime

In a town known for sometimes holding on to their star athletes for too long, there have also been occurrences when Philadelphia sports teams part company with players when their value is quite high. Some trades were completely unexpected. Some were long overdue, and some were simply a matter of time before they actually happened. Off the top of my head, no Flyers or Eagles really came to mind. So feel free to debate, and in the meantime, stay inside!! 5. Moses Malone

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“Fantasy” Hoops…

Since we are still talking about the NBA draft I figured it would be fitting to bring up a crazy discussion that some of the folks here at P2P have been talking about for a little while now.

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