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Movie review


'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' clearly one of Marvel's best offerings

Marvel Studio’s release of

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REVIEW: ‘Draft Day’ struggles to find balance

Draft Day

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REVIEW: Divergent – Who Would You Choose to Be?

Ready for another heroine trapped in a dystopian future?

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REVIEW: 'Non-Stop' starring Liam Nesson and Julianne Moore

Between the insomnia and annoying neighbors, transatlantic flights can be a drag.

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REVIEW: Stallone and De Niro return to boxing ring for 'Grudge Match'

I know, I know.

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'Thor: The Dark World' an admirable follow-up to the original film

With the success of

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Stallone, Schwarzenegger make 'Escape Plan' fun

At the age of 67, you would think

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‘The Fifth Estate’ profiles the ego behind Wikileaks

The Fifth Estate

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‘Parkland’ Review: Heroic attempts to save the President

First time director

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