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Beyonce Pregnancy Announcement at VMAs, Brad Pitt Saves an Extra's Life in Barcelona, and Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly Break Up

Beyonce's Pregnancy Announcement Steals the Show at MTV VMAs

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Putting the Greatness of Roy Halladay Into Perspective

Believe it or not, Roy Halladay actually had a bad outing last week.

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Eagles stun Giants at Meadowlands, Phillies steal Cliff Lee from Yankees, Flyers beat Rangers.Yeah, It was a VERY good week.

In just under two months, I will turn 33 years of age. And in the last six days, I have I shamelessly jumped around in excitement like a hyperactive five year-old on multiple occasions- all because of what has transpired with my Philly sports teams. And I offer NO apologies. Come on!  Even the Sixers had been winning games until their loss to the Lakers Friday night. Let's recap the week:

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Cliff Lee Signing Applies Pressure to Phillies Lineup

When Phillies fans came downstairs on Tuesday morning to find Cliff Lee under their newly decorated Christmas trees, a number of things became abundantly clear. 1. Not everyone loves New York. 2. The Phillies organization is the envy of EVERY front office in major league baseball.

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Phillies Cliff Lee Rumor Is Internet Rumor-Mongering At It's Worst

There have been rumors of a third team stepping into the Cliff Lee sweepstakes. Tonight, that third team was revealed by Jayson Stark. And, it's of course the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Yankees' Possible Acquisition of Cliff Lee Makes Them More Sickening Than LeBron James

DENNIS AND JOE WEIGH IN ON THE LeBRON JAMES AND CLIFF LEE FIASCO Dennis' take: Last night, we bore witness to the death of sports as we know it. 

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Should the Baseball Hall Of Fame consider alternatives for player cap selections?

Andre Dawson  was disappointed.

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Are Ruben Amaro and the Phillies adopting the Eagles' policy?

If I were Phillies GM Ruben Amaro, my off-season goal would consist of one thing only: to improve your team to beat the New York Yankees  in

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